Publishing HelpXplain for user without HelpXplain

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Publishing HelpXplain for user without HelpXplain

Unread post by cindynotbrady » Thu Dec 17, 2020 6:55 pm

I have created a few HelpXplain videos into my help. However, I work on a team and my team member does not have HelpXplain.

So I basically do the tutorials, while she builds the help. However, she is having trouble publishing the help now that I've inserted some HelpXplain videos. (I just inserted them directly into the hmxp. And they build fine for me, but that's because I have HelpXplain.)

I have read the information for embedding the videos, but I don't fully understand the process of doing that. Would I copy and paste the divs into my topic using the XML editor, or would I put it in the skin somewhere?

Or will my co-worker need to also get HelpXplain?

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Re: Publishing HelpXplain for user without HelpXplain

Unread post by Tim Green » Fri Dec 18, 2020 8:50 am

Hi Cindy,

You can insert Xplains directly in Help+Manual topics in the same way as you would a video. Just select the Media tool in the Write tab and you'll find a sub-tool for inserting Xplains. It selects the Xplain project and compiles it during publishing, so it will always insert the latest version. See this chapter in the help: ... media.html

Alternatively you can also publish an Xplain as a standalone eWriter file in two formats: As a standalone EXE containing its own embedded viewer, or as an .ewriter data file. If you send a colleague the data file and they try to open it on Windows 10 they will automatically be prompted to install the eViewer from the Windows Store, and after that they'll be able to view all your .ewriter books automatically. The EXE will work directly but it can be more problematic to distribute since it's an executable that will be blocked by most mail servers and so on. See here in the HelpXplain help:

eWriter format in HelpXplain:

Publishing from HelpXplain: ... shing.html
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