HelpXplain 1.0.2 Feature Update

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HelpXplain 1.0.2 Feature Update

Unread post by Tim Green » Tue Jul 16, 2019 5:17 am

The next HelpXplain feature update is now available. See the news blog announcement here: ... re-update/

Download the new installer here: ... p-v102.exe

In addition to a lot of small cosmetic and bug fixes, this update includes the following new features:
  • Spotlight animations: This creates a moving "spotlight" against a dark translucent background that focuses attention and guides the user through your HowTo. It can follow the mouse cursor, follow on from previous slides and much more.
  • You can now define a pause after every animation
  • The screencast dialog after recording allows you to automatically insert a pause after every click action and a spotlight in every slide
  • New counter animation: displays an animated countdown or count-up over shape or text objects
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