'Paintbrush' to update properties of Impict entities

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Rob Davis
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'Paintbrush' to update properties of Impict entities

Unread post by Rob Davis » Thu Nov 23, 2017 7:57 pm

Could we have a simple 'paintbrush'-type tool that would allow an Impict user to select an entity (like a callout box), and then copy its properties to other similar entities.
Would be very useful when changing a look-and-feel. for example if current Callouts have a yellow, 2-pixel border, and blue Ariel 10-point text, but I want all the callouts to change to a green 3-pixel border, black text, and Calibri 11-point font - just edit one callout, and then copy the new look to all other existing ones!
Yes, some of the changes could result in overflow of lines etc - but at least the bulk of the changes would be automated, leaving us just to do clean-up.

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