Place a 'recently used' list in Insert Snippet

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Dave Gehman
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Place a 'recently used' list in Insert Snippet

Unread post by Dave Gehman » Fri Dec 01, 2017 2:03 pm

I like to see a multi list of recently-used snippets in the Insert Snippet dialog, regardless of source (From Topic, From Repository, From File). Right now, only the last-used snippet appears in the box at the right.

I think a manual author is likely to repeatedly draw from several snippets in the course of developing a topic.

Also, I'd like to see the file source box (that is, the input box under "Snippet File:") include only the snippet file name. Right now, it includes the entire directory string of the file (e.g., in my case, "C:\Users\DaveDell\Documents\HelpAndManualProjects\[snippetfile].xml"). Since directory strings typically contain far more characters than are visible in the limited-width file source box, you have to click on the "..." to see which snippet is the last-used.

How to put only snippet file names in the input box? Snippets have been saved as snippets - surely it would be a minor matter to add a meta tag or styleclass that identifies them as such and set such a meta or style as the file type in the input box.

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