Remembering the "lock" status of table columns

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Rainer Oehry
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Remembering the "lock" status of table columns

Unread post by Rainer Oehry » Tue May 07, 2019 4:10 pm

We already discussed this issue in the past, but I don't remember whether it made it on the "official" Wish List.

As I currently work a lot with tables, the "Lock Column" button is probably the most often used button of all, because I have to unlock the rightmost column in a huge number of tables over and over again.

I usually leave the rightmost column unlocked, because it is this column that shall get resized automatically to fit the table on the page width for output formats with a fixed page width (PDFs in my case). But, whenever I change the size of the "second-to-rightmost" column, the rightmost column's width in the editor (!) is necessarily changed too, and it gets automatically locked again.

I have been explained the philosophy behind that behavior, but I found it not convincing. As soon as I deliberately (!) unlock a column and leave the adjacent column locked (!), the unlocked column should remain unlocked when I resize the locked column next to it. In this situation I obviously want to modify the width of a fixed-sized ("locked") column, but want to keep the unlocked column as the "floating" column that shall continue to be the one that gets resized to fit the table on the page. I should not need to re-unlock the same column over and over again whenever I change the width of the adjacent locked column.

For users who prefer the current behavior—although I doubt that this would be a significant number—this could also be offered as a configuration option, in the "General" options or, even better, in the table styles ("Leave unlocked columns unlocked when an adjacent locked column is resized" or the like).

I kindly ask you to reconsider this matter.

Thank you.

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