Efficient blurring

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Efficient blurring

Unread postby Gerold Krommer » Wed Jul 12, 2017 4:02 pm


I'm currently writing documentation with a lot of screenshots that contain personal and health-related information and I need to blur a lot of small areas per screen.

Probably I'm stupid, but this turns out extremely cumbersome for me. I select the area then need to go -> effects (sorry, using the german version) then select blur, then modify the matrix and then apply. In addition I'm not able to find a matrix that really does only blurring without generating funny colors and it would still be kinda readable.To add injury to insult I found a matrix that applying twiceto the same are gets approx. what I want.

In a previous live I used TechSmith SnagIt, but a) I do not have it any more and b) it is not as well integrated as Impict...

what have I missed???


Gerold Krommer
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Re: Efficient blurring

Unread postby Tim Green » Thu Jul 13, 2017 6:42 am

Hi Gerold,

I'm afraid that Impict doesn't currently have the ability to store settings for the effects so the process you are describing is still the only way to do it. If you need to blur specific areas in a lot of images you might need to use a different tool for that for the time being... :?
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