layers and cropping zoomed images

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Fabienne Pagnier
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layers and cropping zoomed images

Unread post by Fabienne Pagnier » Wed Oct 24, 2007 10:49 am


I bought TNT hoping to use it on a client's site where I don't use H&M and so don't have access to Impict. I assumed it would have the same/similar capabilities as Impict, but find that it flattens images & objects when you've inserted them. :o

I'll have to double-check such things next time. :oops:

Having to go through at least 3 approval stages I really need something I can edit easily, so I'll have to look for another tool. :(

I read in this forum that for technical reasons, you can't combine layers and paint tools and that it's best to use Impict and TNT for their different features. If you ever can combine the layers and paint tools, please do so and you'll have a fantastic package. :)

The other thing I found difficult is cropping a zoomed-in screenshot when part of it is off screen. When you make your selection you can't drag the box into the off-screen area. This would be OK if you could then edit the edges of the selection, but you can't do that either. This means you have to crop a smaller image, which makes it less accurate.

Being able to drag a selection into a scrolled area would be lovely, or being able to edit the selection afterwards would be great too.


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