JavaScript full-text search limitations

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JavaScript full-text search limitations

Unread postby Roman Turcanu » Fri May 26, 2017 11:38 am

For various reasons, my department is constrained to using JavaScript search in Webhelp, and to using Help&Manual version 6.5.5, build 3020. Could you please confirm the following:

1) With JavaScript search, are the words generated in zoom_index.js file limited to 34 characters?
2) If yes, is there any way to influence this from Help&Manual, apart from using and configuring the standalone version of Zoom Indexer?

With respect to the background of these questions, my problem is that text like this:


becomes unsearchable with JavaScript if you search the phrase "setCloseObjectsAfterRun". The cause apparently is that longer strings (like the one above) are chopped to 34 characters in the zoom_index.js file:

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   "convertingtosomething.setcloseobje 470 18 20",

I've also tried to customize search not to treat dots as "Word-joining characters", here are my settings:

But this does not seem to have any effect -- text is still chopped in the zoom_index.js file, and I also noticed this line remained unchanged in settings.js:

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var WordJoinChars = ".-_'";

Thank you for any help!
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Re: JavaScript full-text search limitations

Unread postby Tim Green » Fri May 26, 2017 4:48 pm

That is correct, there is an absolute limit on the length of words that can be searched. Here is the information from the programmers at Zoom on this:

Yes, there is a maximum word length of 35 characters (34 in some cases). This is a hard coded technical limitation (documented in section 8.5 of the Users Guide) for simplicity sake. This is an effort to come to a good compromise with memory requirement and practical needs.

There is no switch to override this. It would require a custom build to change this value.

In the past, for technical documentations, we’ve found that most of the problems were due to extended class names e.g.


In these cases, we found that it can be addressed by disabling Dots as word joining characters (then an example like the above is indexed as 6 words).
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