Segoe UI font in Windows 10 Creators edition

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Segoe UI font in Windows 10 Creators edition

Unread postby Martin Wynne » Thu Aug 10, 2017 3:55 am

This has no direct connection with H&M other than the fact that a nifty utility has been written by Sergey Tkachenko, author of the TRichView editor which is used in H&M.

In the latest Windows 10 Creators Edition, Microsoft have made a couple of changes which are causing much grief to users of hi-res displays, and a lot of heat on the forums.

1. In a so-called improvement to the dpi-aware scaling, anything which appears in the Segoe UI font (i.e. almost everything in Windows own dialogs, Windows Explorer etc., and in application caption bars and menus) is now looking small, blocky and gritty and hard on the eyes. For some reason this applies only to the Segoe UI font -- other fonts display nicely as before.

2. But the catch is that they have also removed the option to change the font and font sizes for such items which used to be available from the Advanced Display Settings in previous versions of Windows 10.

This has been driving me nuts since my Windows 10 system updated itself to the Creators Edition.

But I have now discovered Winaero Tweaker (free) from Sergey, which makes it very easy to change such things (and a lot more) via the registry. From:

So my screens are now back to how they were before, and I'm happy. :) Thanks Sergey.

p.s. it will also install the classic version of Paint for you.

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