Quick image question

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Quick image question

Unread postby Rob Davis » Mon Dec 31, 2018 9:51 am

I am using product images that I import from our website (simple 'Save image' to .png)
If I simply use the context menu 'Insert image', the pictures come in to the project fine, with white backgrounds.
However, if I then open the picture with 'Edit in Impict', then the backgrounds come in black, and I have to copy to a graphics program (I use GIMP), 'paint' the background white, and then save as .png in order to use the image with Impict - which I do extensively for annotating)

Am I doing something wrong?

Is there a way to use these images without the extra step of painting the background?

Does this relate in any way to my old request of having a way for Impict to use transparent backgrounds?


(Example of one of the files attached - this comes in to the project fine, but the background turns black when I access it with Impict.)
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Re: Quick image question

Unread postby Tim Green » Mon Dec 31, 2018 10:41 am

Hi Rob,

Impict does not really support alpha transparency in PNG images. You can fake it by clicking on the image to select it on the canvas and then selecting "Custom" in the Shape tool. Then the background of your sample image will be displayed white, since the color of the pixel in the lower left corner is assumed to be the "transparency" pixel. However, if you then save it will only save the background as white, not really transparent, and the feathering with the gradients of the shadows in your sample will not be quite smooth. If you want to edit PNG images with alpha transparency and keep the transparency it is better to use another graphics program. Note also that the transparency tool in Impict is only for making individual layers transparent to other layers within the image. You can't use it to make a transparent image that will be transparent to other images when it is saved.
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