Duplicate anchor ID/name

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Duplicate anchor ID/name

Unread postby Paul Elbertse » Mon Feb 18, 2019 12:35 pm


[Info] Duplicate anchor ID/name "" in topic Hoofdpagina

This Info message (in the log-file after publishing (with a bat-file)) occured when I chose a background picture in a table.
The odd thing is that in another table on the same page there is also a background picture (another one, not the same) and there is no error.
I re-created this page step by step in order to find out at what moment in time the message occurs.
As soon as I chose the background picture (in the second table) and published, the log file gives me this message.

I have also tested having only in the first table a background picture: no error.

Bottom line: you can only have a background picture in 1 table on the same page.

Can you confirm this.

H&M: version: 7.4.2 build 4650
Output: Webhelp.
Skin: premium pack version 3.46

Paul Elbertse
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Re: Duplicate anchor ID/name

Unread postby Tim Green » Mon Feb 18, 2019 4:59 pm

Hi Paul,

I can't reproduce this and I have a suspicion that the problem may be the picture itself that is triggering a different error message. Try using a completely different picture for the background of the table. If that makes the problem go away, load the image that's causing the problem in a graphics editor and re-save it. That may "fix" it. Otherwise mail a demo project containing just the problem topic and the image files you are using to support AT ec-software.com (replace the AT with @) and we'll check it for you. :)
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