More strange table behavior

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More strange table behavior

Unread postby Swede » Tue Mar 05, 2019 5:47 pm

After submitting my last question (Alphabetical sorting in tables) I found more strange table behaviour I can't fix in some of our H+M projects. I'll describe the most straight-forward example here so you can decide if you can answer it right away or if I should send you the files to have a look at. I use H+M Pro 7.4.2 together with two Premium Pack 3.30 skins, one for web help and one for chm files. The errors occur in both publishing formats.
Now then:
Some tables end up with header rows with white background even though they have gray background in the H+M project. The screen dump below is from a published chm file. Both tables have the same defined table format but the upper table ends up with a white background header row:


Both tables have gray header rows in the H+M project, as shown in the following screen dump:


The same error shows up here and there in the project but I can't figure out why. In this case both tables are located in a toggle section.
Any idea what's wrong or should I send you the files?
The other errors I mentioned are similar but occur in sortable tables. [LATER NOTE: after reading your answer for my other post, I guess we should probably avoid using sortable tables all together. I'd still like to know what's wrong with the header background color though.)
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Re: More strange table behavior

Unread postby Tim Green » Wed Mar 06, 2019 9:05 am

Hi Swede,

This is probably because you haven't updated to the current version of Help+Manual. Table formatting in HTML has been switched recently, removing as much of the inline formatting as possible and shifting it to the project's CSS file. During the transition there were some update versions that still had some table formatting glitches, and this is most likely the cause here. So please do upgrade to the current version of HM first:

If the problem continues then send a small demo project and the skin you are using to support AT (replace the AT with @) and we'll check it. However, also note that your Premium Pack is also out of date. The current version is 3.46. 8)
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