Opening full ToC in eBook Help

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Opening full ToC in eBook Help

Unread postby Rob Davis » Tue May 07, 2019 12:36 pm

We are doing a PoC on changing from .chm files to the eBook/.exe model.
One early question - When opening the .chm file, one had the option of selecting the Table of Contents entry and doing an 'Expand this item', so as to see the full ToC at all levels. (I always wanted the Help window to open with the ToC expanded as a default, but have not learned how to do that).

In the eBook version, it seems one can only see 'down' to the lowest level of ToC that you have already opened. Is there any way to force or invoke a full ToC?
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Re: Opening full ToC in eBook Help

Unread postby Tim Green » Wed May 08, 2019 6:44 am

Hi Rob,

Is there any way to force or invoke a full ToC?

Not really. If you are using one of the Premium Pack V3 eWriter skins then the answer is no, because the full TOC never exists at any one time there. Only the branch you are viewing is rendered, for maximum speed. Other WebHelp skins used for eWriter can allow you to not automatically close branches of the TOC when others are opened, but to get them all open you would have to open them one after another. There is no command to expand the entire TOC.

When opening the .chm file,

eWriter is really "WebHelp in a box" and although the layout of the WebHelp skins is similar to CHM for familiarity, they are not CHM and don't share all its functionality. It would be technically possible to provide an "expand all" to eWriter and WebHelp ToCs, but to date the demand for such a function has been literally zero... :?
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