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Christine Andrews
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Hiding Content

Unread post by Christine Andrews » Tue Aug 27, 2019 11:42 am


Hope someone can help, I want to update our current Project, I want to make lots of changes. How can I keep the current topics while updating and hide them when publishing?

This is so I can keep everything until I have gone through it all and replaced, deleted or updated the content.

I want to be able to keep the whole project but decide what is published and what is not. Can this be done?

Thank you

I think I have found it, will the Publish topics with status complete only do this?

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Tim Green
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Re: Hiding Content

Unread post by Tim Green » Wed Aug 28, 2019 7:04 am

Hi Christine,

This is a tricky issue if you are working on multiple topics and want to keep and go on publishing the old versions for some of them while you are working. Technically you would need a "new draft" option for this, which we don't have at the moment but it's an interesting idea.
I think I have found it, will the Publish topics with status complete only do this?
Not really, because it will completely exclude all the topics you are working on, and if I understand you correctly you want the old versions of those topics to be included.

What you can do is a "manual" version of a "new draft" function, like this:
  1. Leave the old version of the topic you are working on untouched.
  2. Make a NEW child topic of that topic that is initially a copy of the original topic.
  3. Select the new copy in the TOC, right-click and in "Include in Builds" deselect ALL options, so that "None" is displayed next to the topic name.
  4. Do all your editing on the copy. Since it's completely excluded from output you can continue to publish normally without the new edits being included.
  5. When the edit is finalized, overwrite the original version with the new version and delete the new "draft" topic.
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