Visible right margin indicator in the editor

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Visible right margin indicator in the editor

Unread post by VincentBevort » Wed Sep 04, 2019 8:53 am


I really would like to have a movable right margin indicator that I can set/drag to a desired location. It will most of the time be in the same location. E.g. 2 cm from the right side of an A4. As this is for printed documents it only needs to be visible in the "Print" view of the editor. Having it always visible is not a big issue for me.

I want this to get a better view of how the text and images will end up on the printed and PDF output.
One reason is that I have to handle very large images and want to know how they will be after scaling down them.
This will also help me to find a good spot to split sentences in 2 or more to fit the printer result. This will improve the readability of the final document greatly.

Maybe this indicator can optionally be set to act as a right margin working with word wrapping.
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Re: Visible right margin indicator in the editor

Unread post by Tim Green » Wed Sep 04, 2019 11:36 am

Hi Vincent,

There are no margins in the Help+Manual editor and there cannot be any. Help+Manual produces output for many different formats and only some of them have margins. There are no margins in HTML pages, for example. Also, even in the formats that have margins (ePub, Kindle, DOCX, PDF) you will almost always want to have different margins in each format. For that reason the page layout is separate from the editor. You define the layout and any margins in the templates for each individual format, and the text is then flowed into those margins when you publish, and not before.

If you are trying to set margins in the editor by setting indents you should stop immediately because that will cause serious problems in some formats.
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