Try a transparent GIF object!

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Try a transparent GIF object!

Unread post by Martin Wynne » Sat Jul 20, 2019 3:48 pm

One of the great features of HX is that Picture objects are displayed using the imported image file unchanged. :)

Which means that if the supplied shapes and callouts don't quite meet your need, you can easily create your own as a transparent GIF. Using your own drawing, or something from a clip-art library.

Here's a rather silly example of that:

There is no limit to the possibilities. In the above example I added the text to the GIF, but you could use the HX Text objects nested over any drawing.

I found that GIF as some clip-art -- the artist is obviously working in the dark, it's got a left-hand thread!

(Possibly transparent PNGs would work too, but browsers can be more iffy about displaying them. GIFs work everywhere and 256 colours is more than enough in practice.)



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