HelpXplain 1.1.0 Update with Audio Support

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HelpXplain 1.1.0 Update with Audio Support

Unread post by Tim Green » Mon Sep 09, 2019 8:53 am

We have just released the HelpXplain 1.1.0 feature update with comprehensive audio support. You can now add background audio, audio voice-over and clickable audio objects to your Xplains and individual slides. See this news blog posting for full details: ... 3-updates/

Important: A couple of important changes have also been made to Help+Manual for smoother support of the new audio functions in Xplains in Help+Manual content. Please also update your version of Help+Manual at the same time if you are using it with HelpXplain.

Get the new installers for both programs here:

Just install on top of your current version to update. This won't change any settings etc.
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