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Publish > 10-second freeze

Unread post by jabramoff »

I'm using H+M Version 9.3.0 Build 6582 on a PC workstation with project files located on a network storage server. Last week, after the primary network storage server failed, we started using the backup, with a different URL. For the most part, after H+M opens a project for the first time since the failure and resolves the doman name, it is working as it did before the failure.
However, when I publish, H+M freezes for about 10 seconds. I publish to PDF, which means I have to publish numerous times until I resolve issues such as page breaks. What used to take a second now takes about 10x that.
Any help or advice would be appreciated.
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Re: Publish > 10-second freeze

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Hi Jay,

It is unlikely that HM itself is freezing. Behavior like this is almost always a network problem, and if you just wait Help+Manual will start working again. Either the network connection is not as reliable as the previous one, or possibly there are still old references to the now non-existent network location(s) in your project and/or your HM configuration. Places to check:

Project Explorer > Configuration > Common Properties > Project Search Path
Project Explorer > Configuration > Common Properties > Help Windows: HTML Help Options
File > Recent projects (delete any projects shown in red that no longer exist)

If the new network connection is via a VPN, that will be the problem. VPN performance is almost always radically slower than a local network. You should never ever try to edit projects directly or run HM over a VPN connection. In addition to execrable performance, you will get corrupted and/or lost data sooner rather than later. :?
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