Translating Help+Manual topics with Smartcat: beta testing

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Translating Help+Manual topics with Smartcat: beta testing

Unread postby Pavel Doronin » Wed Jun 28, 2017 11:08 am

Dear technical writers,
My name is Pavel Doronin, I work at Smartcat, a cloud-based translation ecosystem. Recently, one of our customers asked us about the ability to work with Help+Manual XML topics. In a couple of weeks, we have released a beta version of this feature (I'd like to thank Tim Green and Alexander Halser for their kind support with it). Now you can just import your topics and maps to Smartcat and translate them (or assign the tasks to the translator, or even apply machine translation) and then export them back. It supports both the recently released TidyXML and traditional XML.

If you translate the documents you create with Help+Manual, I would like to ask you for assistance and check out how good the support of the topics is.
I would appreciate any feedback from you: bug reports, feature requests, etc.
For now, we do not have any import settings and the default ones should cover the most cases. However, if you have any ideas (import/excluding of the hidden text or comments, importing conditional text as separate segments, etc.), feel free to share them.

If you want to join beta testing of the H+M topics support, register an account in Smartcat (it's completely free) or use your existing one and send me your registration email as a direct message or to our support team at, asking to enable Help+Manual support in your account.
Pavel Doronin
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Re: Translating Help+Manual topics with Smartcat: beta testi

Unread postby Debbie vanCleef » Fri Sep 29, 2017 9:38 am

Hi Pavel!

You provide great functionality. Smartcat has a small learning curve but it works beautifully once yoy get the hang of it. My only suggestion would be to put the paring method in clear view when creating a new project. You have to choose parsing method 'Help & Manual XML' and i tend to forget that because the option is a bit hidden.
Debbie vanCleef
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