Impossible to get the TOC completely expanded

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Impossible to get the TOC completely expanded

Unread postby Patrick Dardenne » Sat Mar 17, 2018 8:38 pm

Hi Tim,
I am upgrading an old help demo to H+M 7.3.4, using the 3.43 PP V3 responsive skin "Minimalist_Plain_White_WebHelp.hmskin".
The fact is that I cannot get the TOC completely expanded, either at the help opening and after the opening.
I attach 2 screencaptures with both the related Skin and Project options, which I think are correct to get it completely expanded at opening or later.
The behavior is that it closes your current entry/main entry once you click on an entry belonging to another main entry (behavior which I have normally disable, as you can see).

Thank you for your help.
Best wishes,
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Re: Impossible to get the TOC completely expanded

Unread postby Tim Green » Mon Mar 19, 2018 8:06 am

Hi Patrick,

This is by design in the V3 skins because of the way the TOC is handled to minimize the amount of memory required for it by the browser. The TOC in V3 is completely dynamic and only what you see actually exists at all. The entries in a TOC branch are not created until you open the branch and they are deleted again when you close it. This makes it much faster to load the TOC, and makes it possible to handle much larger TOCs on mobile devices. The keyword index is handled in the same way.

We may add an option to generate the entire TOC in a future version but at the moment this is restricted and not possible for maximum performance.
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