Compiler Messages for Multiple Builds

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Compiler Messages for Multiple Builds

Unread postby Linda Polinski » Thu May 24, 2018 3:46 pm

Our company has two builds. I usually only publish one of the builds, but the other designer left the company, so now I need to publish the alternate build. To publish the alternate build, I changed the index page to the alternate page's index and selected the build in the settings. It did work, but I received a long list of compiler messages that mentioned the pages in the first build, as they were missing. I think there is another setting that I need to change to let H&M know only to look at the pages from the alternate build. Hope this makes sense. Your help is deeply appreciated.
Linda Polinski
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Re: Compiler Messages for Multiple Builds

Unread postby Tim Green » Thu May 24, 2018 4:00 pm

Hi Linda,

What exactly do you mean by "I changed the index page to the alternate page's index"? That isn't clear, and to change the build you shouldn't need to do anything except deselect the build you don't want and select the build you do want in the Include Options in the Publish screen. If you have set up your build options correctly, everything else should be automatic.

However, even if you do this you can still get compiler messages as you describe. This will happen if topics included in your build contain links or other references to topics that are NOT included in the build. To prevent this you need to use conditional text tags with the same build options to exclude the links and replace them with alternative text. How to do that is explained in this topic in the help: ... dlinks.htm
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