Problem with Screen Capture Tool

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Problem with Screen Capture Tool

Unread postby Albertina Hoxha » Mon Jul 16, 2018 10:19 am

Hi all,

I have H&M version 5 and trying to use ‘Screen Capture’ tool for ‘A Window, control or menu’ to capture images from an external application, primary monitor only.
Unfortunately, when I use this option I observe the following:
• I cannot move the ‘red outlined frame’ to the element/window I want to select. The red outlined frame appears to move everywhere and when I try to drag the red outlined frame to the chosen element, it does not appear properly.
• When I try to capture pictures (‘Bar menus’ but not only) from an external application using the two options ‘How to capture a window, control or menu’ and ‘How to capture a free region’ the picture in H&M appears as a blue shadow.

Can you please assist or provide a how to manual to resolving this issue?

Looking forward to your reply
Kind Regards,
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Albertina Hoxha
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Re: Problem with Screen Capture Tool

Unread postby Tim Green » Mon Jul 16, 2018 11:21 am

Hi Albertina,

Which Windows version are you using? It is quite possible that the capture tool in your very old version of Help+Manual is no longer completely compatible with it. This will be particularly pronounced if you are using a version of Windows that supports the transparent Window borders (the "Metro Glass" interface). If that is the case you can generally improve the situation by switching Metro Glass off and using the standard Windows appearance.

However, the screen capture in HM 5 definitely works fine in Windows 10 (I just tested it) because here Microsoft has returned to a much simply windows color and graphics scheme.
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