Want to rename project

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Want to rename project

Unread postby Debra Graham » Fri Aug 24, 2018 5:34 pm

My company's product name changed, so we want to rename the help project to reflect the new name. We distribute both an HTML and a PDF version. I looked in the dist folder and the pdf file already has the new name. But the folder containing the actual help files (e.g. the .hmxp file) have the old name. Can I just rename the folder and the .hmxp file?

Is there any particular method that I need to do? Anything to avoid doing? I looked in the H&M help and this forum but renaming projects is not addressed.

Thanks in advance!
Debra Graham
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Re: Want to rename project

Unread postby Tim Green » Sat Aug 25, 2018 8:51 am

Hi Debra,

You don't actually need to rename the project itself unless you are creating Microsoft CHM files and linking between your CHM files. Then it's important that the project filename and the CHM filename are identical. To rename the project you just close the project and rename the main project file, which will be either project_name.hmxz or project_name.hmxp, depending on the format you are using. No need to rename the project folder.

For WebHelp and a lot of other things as well, you also need to change the project title within the project. To do this, open the project in Help+Manual. Then look in the Project Explorer on the left and navigate down to Configuration > Common Properties > Title and Copyright and change the title and any other information you need to update there.

WebHelp file name:
If you are using a custom name in the output file field when publishing WebHelp you will need to change that too the first time you publish the new version. That is changed directly in the Publish screen, and Help+Manual will then remember it the next time you publish. However, it is actually better to NOT use a custom name here. Instead, it is recommended you use the standard "index.html" filename instead. All browsers expect to use this filename as the first file they open. If you use it you will be able to create links to the folder on your web server without any filename, and the browser will open that file automatically. This also avoids the need to change any links to the WebHelp in the future if the product name changes again. 8)
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