Replace newline by linebreak

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Replace newline by linebreak

Unread postby Rob van Haarst » Wed Feb 06, 2019 11:26 am

We author code snippets in H&M 7 in the standard Code Example style, with normal newlines created by pressing ENTER.
They look good when published as WebHelp (or indeed .CHM), but once you cut-and-paste the published version to some editor, eg. Notepad++, you get DOUBLE newlines (or line feeds, or carriage returns, or whatever they should be called, the terminological confusion is unbelievable here).
We have discovered we can solve this (while authoring in H&M 7) by pressing SHIFT+ENTER instead of ENTER. I believe the thing you get by pressing SHIFT+ENTER is called a line break. (We have also noticed the special icon for linebreaks that you get to see if you switch "Show paragraphs and text marks" to On).
Our problem is that producing linebreaks instead of newlines is really hard work, especially because all the line breaks flip back to newlines each time you cut-and-paste to a coding environment for live testing, and then cut-and-paste back to the H&M topic.
Question: Is there a way in H&M to find-and-replace all the newlines in a code block by line breaks?
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Re: Replace newline by linebreak

Unread postby Tim Green » Wed Feb 06, 2019 11:51 am

Question: Is there a way in H&M to find-and-replace all the newlines in a code block by line breaks?

This is automatic if you use the syntax highlighter in the current version of Help+Manual. Just select the code text and apply the syntax highlighter and all the included carriage returns will be replace with line breaks, in addition to the syntax formatting applied.
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