Anchors in Toggles using Premium Pack

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Anchors in Toggles using Premium Pack

Unread postby jetthaus » Tue Oct 01, 2019 7:50 pm

I am using H+M 7 Pro with a WebHelp responsive skin, and I need the anchors to work in toggle headers and within the toggle content.

Current skin selected:
WebHelp responsive skin.png

My understanding is that I need to use the ToggleJump feature in Premium Pack. When I initially installed H+M, I also installed PP 3.45 but the tool did not seem intuitive so I never used it (the tool is not integrated with H+M 7; separate interface).

PP 3.45 installed:
PP 345 installed.png

PP 3.45 launched:
PP 345 launched.png

When I research in the forums for this topic, it seems that when PP is launched it should appear within the H+M tool. My installation of PP does not appear in the H+M tool; I can only launch it separately.

Please advise on the steps that I need to take to get the anchors working in toggles in a WebHelp responsive skin using PP.
Note that we have customized the WebHelp header (logo, menu, links, etc.).

Thank you,
Jett Hausmann
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Re: Anchors in Toggles using Premium Pack

Unread postby Tim Green » Wed Oct 02, 2019 8:27 am

Hi Jett,

That isn't a Premium Pack skin, it's one of the standard skins included with Help+Manual, so it doesn't have the ToggleJump feature. You need to select one of the Premium Pack skins from the \Templates\HTML Skins\Premium Pack 3.47\ folder in the main Help+Manual program directory.

When configuring the skin for use, note that there are two main different WebHelp skin types in the Pack, the V3 and V2 skins. Each has a separate chapter in the Premium Pack help, so be sure to reference the right chapter for the skin you are using.
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