Customizing a skin for .eWriter/.exe

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Rob Davis
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Customizing a skin for .eWriter/.exe

Unread post by Rob Davis » Mon Mar 23, 2020 4:42 pm

1. A long time ago, I managed to get our company logo and webpage link in to the header of the customized skin we are using (Screen shot attached) . Alas - so long ago that I cannot remember how to do this, nor can I find where it may have been answered in the forums.

Please help - I need to change the logo and web link in the header. (See the example)

(I also need to do this in the two branding alternatives that I am outputting - so I might go that by making additional skin files (if it is embedded there), or as discussed by putting the information in the custom graphics folder at the top of the search tree (if that's a better alternative.)

2. I would like to add an icon in the header that links to a specific page in the Help file (this is for a 'Site Map' to replace the no-longer-available 'show all' of the ToC that I used to have in the old .chm file. - Ive built the Site Map, now I want a convenient link to open it - any advice on how to do that?


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Tim Green
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Re: Customizing a skin for .eWriter/.exe

Unread post by Tim Green » Mon Mar 23, 2020 5:22 pm

Hi Rob,

The skin you are using has configuration variables for the logo and its hyperlink. Open the .hmskin file in Help+Manual in look in Configuration > Common Properties > Text Variables. You will see variables with the name of the logo file and the hyperlink associated with it. To change the logo use the same name and file type for your logo image and add it to the skin baggage. That will overwrite the version there automatically, and then you don't need to change the logo variable. After that just update the variable definition for the hyperlink URL.
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