V4 skin

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V4 skin

Unread post by javier_help » Tue May 19, 2020 3:00 pm

Starting from the seventh level, when I export with V4 the documents remain aligned to the folder that contains them.

Is it possible to change this with the premium pack?
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Re: V4 skin

Unread post by Tim Green » Tue May 19, 2020 4:24 pm

Hi Javier,

Currently a maximum of 6 levels are supported by default in all output formats in Help+Manual. Actually, that is already too many. Few users will ever read anything below 4 levels, so you can be pretty sure that text that you put down there will never be read anyway... 8)

If you want to add formatting for additional levels you can do so in the hmwebhelp_toc_xxx.css files in the skin baggage. There are three versions for desktop, tablet and phone browsers, where the xxx is 'desktop', 'tablet' and 'phone'. Look for the code that is like this and add your own new sections for lv8, lv9 and so on:

Code: Select all

 ul#toc li.lv2 span{
	background-position: 1.2rem 0.205rem;
	padding-left: 2.50rem;
ul#toc li.lv3 span {
	background-position: 2rem 0.205rem;
	padding-left: 3.214rem;
ul#toc li.lv4 span {
	background-position: 2.70rem 0.205rem;
	padding-left: 3.929rem;
ul#toc li.lv5 span {
	background-position: 3.4rem 0.205rem;
	padding-left: 4.643rem;
ul#toc li.lv6 span {
	background-position: 4.2rem 0.1rem;
	padding-left: 5.357rem;
ul#toc li.lv7 span {
	background-position: 4.9rem 0.1rem;
	padding-left: 6.071rem;
Note that you must use rem units for this, the layout of the skins depends on it. Really, though, it would be better not to have so many levels... :|
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